Intelligent Lighting

The light quantity produced by our luminaires can be either fixed or adjustable. The letter i in the product model name stands for wireless control features. Our intelligent luminaires can be controlled with the iLUMNET intelligent lighting control system that is further introduced in the intelligent lighting section. We also offer traditional lighting control soloutions as an option, such as 1-10V and Dali.

Versatile Uses

Our luminaires are most versatile for different use and placement. Our products are excellent in the lighting of roads, streets, parks, bridges and underpasses, parking areas, petrol stations, industrial sites and outdoor areas.

Our luminaires are

  • highly energy efficient
  • easily maintainable
  • high in reliability
  • durable, with a long lifespan
  • posses excellent lighting capacity

Optics and light distribution

For most of our luminaires, different optics can be chosen to create the optimal illumination at the lighting site. The optical lens directs the light from the LED module creating the desired light distribution.

Optics used in luminaires also decreases the amount of light pollution, at the same time increasing energy efficiency of the luminaire.

Read more from the Optics and Light Distribution page, where you also download the LDT files for lighting design.

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