A Lighting Professional

Lumous Lighting is a provider of intelligent lighting solutions. We develop and offer luminaires, intelligent lighting control systems, and lighting technology. Our products are energy efficient, ecologically sustainable, reliable and long-lived. Our intelligent lighting solutions can create befitting and pleasant lighting for any environment.

The full potential of our product line becomes apparent when lighting is viewed as an investment, where plenty of light is needed for long periods of time, and lifespan costs are a central selection criterion in addition to having convenient lighting conditions.

The Lumous lighting’s solutions and products include luminaires, intelligent control options, and technology platforms. The common denominators are energy efficiency, durability, easy maintenance and excellent lighting control.

Thousands of Lumous lighting’s products have been implemented around the world. Our products are used in the lighting of roads, streets, parks, outdoor areas, bridges, underpasses, sports and recreational areas, industrial sites, and petrol stations.