Optics and light distribution

Luminaire optics

Light distribution is the way the luminaire sheds light on its surrounding.
The light distribution files (LDT-files) are used in lighting design software such as DIALux. The luminous intensity distributions are measured either on luminaire or LED module levels. The measurements have been conducted at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and commercial enterprises. All tests have been conducted at room temperature.

LDT files

You can download the LDT files from the links below.

Street luminaires

Ilkka street luminaire VP1001 (Zip file 1,3 Mt)

Ilma street luminaire VP1011 and VP1011-HP (Zip files 2,3 Mt and 1,8 Mt)

Ball street luminaire VP1101 (Zip file 10 kt) and VP1102 (Zip file 460 kt)

Ceiling luminaires

Ceiling luminaire VP2101 (Zip file 30 kt)

Ceiling luminaire VP2102 (Zip file 15 kt)

Bridge luminaire VP2221 (Zip file 86 kt)

Bridge luminaire VP2223 (Zip file 145 kt)

Bridge luminaire VP2224 (Zip file 126 kt)

Industrial luminaires

Tornio Industrial Luminaire VP2504 (Zip file 92 kt)


Little-Jussi Floodlight VP3233 (Zip file 122 kt)

Jussi Floodlight VP3511 (Zip file 117 kt)

Lumous optics

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