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The colors of the jerseys are displayed well and the movements of the opponent are easier to see. Leki-75 E juniors and Jokipojat E juniors in an ice hockey match. Photo by Sanna Tarkiainen.
  • Category: Industrial Lighting, Sport Facilities and Tracks

Finetuning to savings

The indoor ice rink of Sport & Spa hotel Vesileppis has undergone a lighting renovation. The former illumination was, frankly speaking, poor; 400W high-pressure sodium luminaires with yellowish 2000K light color and color rendering index of CRI17.

The indoor ice rink is in a active use by ice hockey players and figure skaters.

“In the former illumination, colors were difficult to see. For example, taking pictures of the figure skaters in their beautiful outfits was rather disappointing, because the photographs turned out yellow”, says Kalevi Laitinen, Area sales manager from Lumous Lighting, who has taken part to this lighting renewal project.

“Energy savings are huge”

Now the indoor ice rink has new intelligent VP2503i LED luminaires with white 4000K light and color rendering index of CRI75. The luminaires are controlled with the Lumous Lighting Intelligent Lighting Control System, that makes it possible to adjust the lighting level to different situations. At game nights, the luminaires are at their full power, whilst at rehearsal hours about 140W, or even less, is enough for good illumination.

“The energy savings are huge compared to the old 400W HPS lamps. The payback period of this renovation is only 2-3 years for year-round use”, states Laitinen.

A VPS iMaster was installed to the premises in addition to the intelligent luminaires, for the intelligent lighting control to work. The maintenance staff can easily adjust the illumination to the level they see best fit.

The luminaires were installed to the same places where the old luminaires used to be, which made the installing easy.

“The illumination was planned in a way that we could utilize the old cabling. Installing the new luminaires was very convenient”, says property manager Teemu Tirkkonen from Vesileppis.

“When crafting the call for tenders, we specified the required lighting class as J3 (500 lx, according to the Finnish lighting classification for indoor ice rinks)” states Tirkkonen. “The new lighting level (780 lx) is almost enough to reach lighting class J2 (800 lx). Class J2 lighting is required for e.g. Finnish Junior National League games. Therefore, the new illumination lives up to set goals, even exceeding the expectations.”

In addition to being able to see much better than before – the jerseys and beautiful costumes are now seen as they were supposed to – it´s also much more pleasant to exercise and compete in the white light. Property manager Tirkkonen tells that customers have reacted positively to this change. The change is so obvious when you enter the premises that you can´t miss it!

  • Project: Lighting of an indoor ice rink of Sport & Spa hotel Vesileppis, Leppävirta, Finland
  • Product: Industrial LED luminaire VP2503i and iMASTER
  • Quantity: 45 pcs VP2503i and 1pcs iMASTER
  • Year: 2015

The maintenance staff of Sport & Spa Vesileppis carried out the luminaire change.