VP8110 valoT Bollard and Park/Street Luminaire

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Special product – MOQ: 25pcs

The valoT (VP8110) LED light bollard series is a tool for creative outdoor lighting. With these bollard luminaires you can create an effective and even lighting to passageways and highlight e.g. trees. valoT bollard luminaires are equally suitable for façade and spotlighting.

The series includes three versions: one for passageways, the second for both passageways and trees; and a third version for the sole purpose of lighting trees.

The design tolerates vandalism very well. The bollard can be equipped with intelligent motion sensors and controlled with the iLUMNET intelligent lighting control system. The two-sides (down and up) of version VP8111i can be controlled individually.

For different uses, a wide variety of optics and LED colour temperatures are available, as well as RGBW functionality. The bollard can be ordered with different heights and materials. The ValoT Luminaires are always sold as a project, to map out the product specification and need for intelligent lighting together with the customer.

The concept and product design by Henrika Pihlajaniemi, Arkkitehdit m3 Oy.

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